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  • Kernow Engineering Treeve Andrew Business Logo ICV specialist
  • Roaring Forties ICV undergoing VSB14 Lane Change test
  • Birkin Lotus 7 Clubman Clubbie undergoing ICV testing to VSB 14
  • Classic Revivals Cobra undergoing VSB14 ICV tests including Lane Change and brake test
  • Modified ute having brake test done to VSB14 under VSCCS

Welcome to Kernow Engineering.  Treeve Andrew is a licensed VSCCS (Vehicle Safety and Compliance Certification Scheme) Certifier, with the NSW RMS (New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services).  Specialising in ICVs in their many forms – kit cars, scratch builds to known designs or to individual’s unique designs.  Treeve has certified many ICVs in NSW in the past 3 years.

ICVs certified include:

Scratch build Lotus 7 / Clubbies, including kits by Amaroo, Birkin, designs such as the ‘Haynes’ chassis with Australian stiffness modifications, and personal imports from the UK from manufacturers such as Caterham, Dax, Dutton and Westfield.

Also covering Cobras and GT40s with certifications completed and vehicles registered such as DRB Boss Cobra, DRB 540, Classic Revivals Kobra, Cobra Shop Cobra, and the Roaring Forties GT40.

Offering full compliance testing services to VSB14 and reviewing against the ADRs, employing high accuracy high frequency data logging from RaceLogic to ensure all test results are recorded and can be interpreted at any time.  Kernow Engineering has all of the required test equipment for the required dynamic and static testing of ICVs and Hot Rods against the registration requirements.

Email or text 0429 450 222 between 6pm and 8pm – often unable to answer phonecalls, text is best!